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Interpretation of Information - Just like a Lawyer who has access to the Law and is capable of interpreting it and advising you accordingly, then so does a REALTOR provide, interpret and advise his Customer or Client.

A Realtor can work for you in two distinct ways:

They can be employed as a marketing agent (Seller's Agent) should you wish to SELL a property.

They can be employed as a mentor, negotiator and information provider (Buyer's Agent) should you wish to PURCHASE a property.

Whether you are considering buying or selling, contact us.


When EMPLOYED by the owner of a property by the signing of a LISTING Agreement, a REALTOR is then acting as a "SELLER'S AGENT". The REALTOR promotes and markets the property to the best of their ability and has a duty of care to protect that Seller from any legal action that could result from the sale. To fairly represent the Home is just as important as finding the BUYER.

Before listing a Property for sale I will conduct a thorough search of the marketplace reviewing the homes comparable to the subject property which are currently on the Market and have recently SOLD. (See Newsletter "What is My Property Worth") It is only after studying a thorough market value analysis with the Owner, that a value for marketing can be arrived at.

As you can see from this WEB Site, it takes more than just a sign on the lawn today to reach YOU the sophisticated market. Adds in the local Newspapers reach some, the WEB others, associate Realtors reach more still, along with word of mouth networking .

I believe to show YOU photographs and a description of the home in advance of an appointment will save those who employ me as their "SELLER'S AGENT" from being disturbed over and over again unnecessarily with needless showings.

When your property is marketed with JON You'll know what to expect right up front

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